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May these pages be a continual source of good spiritual food to nourish your soul in these days of spiritual famine. Sadly there is little teaching on the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for His own at the Rapture, but that is what the Scriptures teach and what I believe.

Driving on the A36, to my horror I watched a female pheasant walk right into the path of a lorry. It had plenty of time to stop or turn back, but, no, it continued on its doomed journey into the great wheels. Its feathers exploded in a ball and then its carcass lay on the road in front of me. Then I thought how many people are just as deaf and blind and insensitive to approaching disaster... Don't be one of them! Heed the Warnings, Receive the Teachings, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and be Saved!!

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Light Will Overcome Darkness

Micah 2 v1 says, "Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practice it, because it is in the power of their hand."

The following is a poem poured out of the heart of a grieving mother over the death of her daughter who died as the result of medical arrogance, lies, deception, incompetence and a shocking lack of duty of care :


Over and over we questioned Helenor’s care
Oh our despair, despair, despair.
We asked so often was it the drug?
His egregious blunder; his face looked so smug.
While the doctors repeated over anxiety,
Medical records reported overdose of induced Epilim toxicity.

As Dr Trefor Jones sits at home with his family fair,
Does he ever give thought to our vacant chair
That would be filled if only he had listened?
His egotistical attitude never awakened –
The night her dad phoned him to be transferred
‘Just over anxious parents’, he inferred.
His apathy left her to complete destruction;
If Justice prevailed, it should be expulsion.
Paediatrians close ranks; they have complete protection –
They represent the ‘British Mafia Association’.

Twenty four hours have just past.
We are at Helenor’s bedside; it is her last.
At six Sunday evening, Helenor collapsed;
Helenor’s deteriorated condition left us aghast.
‘Lift up her eyelids and talk to her.
It’s common in girls of Helenor’s age, my dear;
It’s part of puberty and growing up’ –
The incompetent profession was waiting for luck…

Ambulance waiting for Helenor’s transfer;
It’s past twelve o’clock waiting for the doctor.
We requested medical care overland and vales,
At one am, we entered University Hospital of Wales.
It was very dark and very late.
The hours had slipped by – the parents were desperate;
But the doors were locked; we could not enter,
Dr Jones hadn’t reported Helenor’s emergency medical state.

Parents witnessed criminal neglect: death was Helenor’s fate.
Her deteriorated condition and loss of weight
Had to be experienced to be believed,
After Dr Jones’ criminal medical assault.
If, from our home, this deteriorated condition was conceived,
We, as parents, would have been in a different position.
Reports would have been made; questions asked,
Why! we, as parents, would have been put to the task…

The Law would prevail at every corner;
‘Why didn’t you seek medical care sooner?’
No more questions there would be – it’s a chlld’s life, you see;
This is a case for the DPP.
But when doctors fail in their care
You have to be a millionaire.
To bring to Law their just deserts,
Justice never prevails with fraudulent medical experts.

God will know how many have died
Under the charge: ‘over anxious parents’ is prescribed.
The compassionate doctors bow their heads in shame;
Helenor’s life is lost that should have been saved.
The ‘incompetent colleague’ silence was gospel
When we arrived at the Cardiff University Hospital.
To question his colleague would have been a sin;
Chief Executives remain the silent protagonist to never give in.

If murdered our daughter had been,
Truth would prevail at every scene.
When a life that is lost by a paediatrician,
His colleagues close ranks to give him protection.
Dr Trefor Jones was a charlatan, now we can see.
Our concern is for other parents who suffer as we.
He dished out the drugs like Smarties and sweets;
We pray drugs will be used more cautiously,
That life can be respected by the medical fraternity.

You are driven to law for justification;
Our only justice is victimisation and interrogation.
The money that is made on ligigation,
The lawyers rub their hands in anticipation.
They are only qualified in counting the cost;
They are not the victims of a life that is lost.
But once again, our hands are tied back,
Because it is the money we parents lack.

We’re cast aside without a doubt;
It’s the medical mafia who carry the clout.
You see your MP, but all in vain,
No more can be done to ease our pain
Of the unlawful killing of our precious daughter.
It’s quite obvious from our experience;
The loss of a child makes no difference.

The laws of our land are not guided by God’s hand.
It’s made to protect the hierarchy.
We’re just ordinary folk and people, you see.
He carried His cross and suffered in vain –
The same would happen if He arrived again.
It’s Chapter and Verse all over the same;
Parent’s injustice – we’ll suffer in pain,
Until man changes his way, you see,
And begins to talk with honesty.

Dr Jones spoke at the inquest like a newscaster;
‘Natural causes’ was a disaster.
He took the Bible in his right hand
And spoke the words at Hemson’s command.
Truth and honesty did not prevail;
They conspired and perverted justice on that day;
The doctors just stood and lied and lied;
The lawyers stood with jocularity and pride.

They removed Helenor’s brain, liver, and kidneys too,
Having the powers to do as they choose.
Dr Corrie Weaver exploited our grief to the bitter end,
Whilst still pretending to be our friend.
Our innocence and trust they totally betrayed;
They represent the ‘Medical Mafia of Crimewatch UK’.
The Coroner’s inquest was like a charade;
He was the final ’joker’ in the criminals’ pack of cards.

We have been told by eminent people,
Most folk would fall at the height of this steeple.
Our resilience is perpetrated by Facts not Fiction,
That children will be saved from paediatric infliction;
That attitudes will change to Care and Compassion –
Perhaps they will realise the parents’ position.
Communication, concern, is of utmost importance.
We pray parents will be treated with a little more reverence.

When we wake and cannot sleep at night,
We take our pen and begin to write
The truth that causes us so much pain.
Then we are able to sleep again.
We do not need drugs to hide our experience;
We ask for honesty and truth to prevail, to give us deliverance.
We pray no child will die of such criminal deception –
‘Vengeance is unto Thee, O Lord, not unto mine’.

Clandestine rhetoric perfected the crime:
The Chief Executive of the University Hospital of Wales,
Under cohesion of paediatric criminal propaganda
Still remains the silent protagonist
Of the unlawful killing of our beloved daughter, Helenor Bye:
The Coroner, with a nod and wink and a golden handshake,
The paediatric crime becomes a ‘Genetic Mistake’.

Joan & Derek Bye, parents of Helenor Bye, 01 June 1965 – 24 April 1978

I purposely broadcast this harrowing story on this Blog, because in our world today, fast approaching the End Time, many sections of our Society are, thankfully, and through brave Christian hearts standing up to these evils, being exposed as corrupt, hypocritical, deceiving, fraudulent, and shamelessly arrogant. In short, anti-Christ; the very opposite of the Nature and Character of Him who came as The Lamb.

As we increasingly witness the decline in the morals and integrity of our Leaders, those of us who know cleansing from sin by the Blood of the Lamb, MUST strengthen our resolve to watch and pray, and wait for our Lord from Heaven.  Woe will indeed come upon this world, in God's Perfect Way and in God's Perfect Time. 



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