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May these pages be a continual source of good spiritual food to nourish your soul in these days of spiritual famine. Sadly there is little teaching on the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for His own at the Rapture, but that is what the Scriptures teach and what I believe.

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Monday 23 January 2012


Fifty years ago, when I first came to Christ, His Second Coming was commonly preached. He was expected to come as a thief, to come for His own, and that the world would wake up to the fact that many people had “disappeared”. This event was called “The Rapture” – the catching away of those who were watching and waiting for Him to come. Not a lot was taught of what would happen after the Rapture – but it was definitely this that was meant by the “Second Coming of Christ”.

Today, there are more and more high profile Christian teachers and denominations proclaiming that they are waiting for Christ to come back to the earth, completely ignoring the Rapture – the Day of Resurrection for the Church…

I would like to put to these who hold a non-Rapture doctrine certain Scriptural points that reveal clearly that if they are alive when Jesus Christ returns to earth, this is what they must expect :

The formation of a World Government with one Commerce and Financial System, one currency, one religion, under one world ruler.

After a series of world rulers, one man, an Assyrian – Iraqi – will emerge and be elected world ruler through his flatteries. He will behave as a man of peace. The Temple will be rebuilt and he will re-establish the Levitical Sacrifices under a Covenant with the Jews.

After three and a half years, this world ruler will break the Covenant. He will stop the sacrifices in the Temple, and enter it to proclaim himself God. As those Jews who realise he is not their Messiah back away from him, he seeks to destroy them.

The holders of this non-Rapture doctrine may witness or hear about the miraculous removal of these people – 144 thousand Israeli households to a safe place…

They may also be made aware of a ferocious battle between Michael and Satan, resulting in Satan being forced out of his dominion around the earth to the limits of this earth alone.

This will be the time when Satan, finding a “vile person” in the form of the then present world ruler, will occupy his body, giving the former man of peace the authority to proclaim himself God of the world. He is then officially the man of sin, called “the beast” in Revelation …

Having authority from the Lamb Himself, the man of sin, “the beast” – the lawless one – will force the inhabitants of the entire world to receive a mark upon them in order to buy and sell.

These holding this non-Rapture doctrine will have to comply with that.

They will also, as inhabitants of the world at that time, be made to worship this man of sin and the image of the man of sin which will be created (cloned).

Over the next three and a half years, they will also experience the fulfillment of the long-prophesied Plagues of the Sword, the Famine and the Pestilence with Wild Beasts.

Moreover, throughout this time, a series of Seven Plagues will trouble the earth, among which plagues the waters will be turned to blood.

In addition to these Plagues, the Two Witnesses will also prevent rain and administer Plagues as they will.

The lack of rain and the burning up of grasslands and trees, and cargo ships traversing the seas will all contribute to the Famine.

Will these people be able to cope with this?

Above all these catastrophes, millions of devils will be released over the earth. And this is a significant point – they are commanded (by the Lamb Himself) to hurt those adults who do not have the seal which those 144 thousand Jewish households received earlier!!! That is everyone else! Apart from the Two Witnesses and the Remnant of Israel in their safe place, of course.

My sincere question is, Are these people prepared for this? Do they really understand that this is the Program of God for this world, BEFORE the Lord Jesus Christ takes over this world as KING and GOD?

Jerusalem will be utterly destroyed before He returns with His Church and saints from the Old Testament. The Battle of Armageddon will ensue and the Great Slaughter, 200 miles of blood-shed, destroying all those who come to confront the Lamb.

All these above points are based on Scripture. The Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Zechariah, etc, the Psalms, the Gospels – Christ’s own teaching of events before His Return to earth – Paul’s teachings to the Thessalonians and the Book of Revelation contain all these truths…

It will be no fun to be left behind when Christ comes to snatch His faithful ones away from what is to come upon the earth ! There is only ONE Resurrection unto Life. Please make sure you understand God’s Plan for the Future.